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Default Trying To Figure This Guy Out

Lived by this Guy for 15 years and he just don't make sence.I was coming in from Deer hunting seen him out in the yard so I thought I would stop and see how he was doing.

He came to the Pickup,making it clear he was Packing as usual.Asked if I had done any good? Told him I didn't.We got to talking about another neighbor and how he was mad at me killing 6 Deer off my place last year.That I was killing all the Deer.Then this Guy says I hope you kill every D** one of them.Then it hit me on what he thinks.

He has a hatred for Deer.Just don't make any sence,he has no Grain Crops,just Cattle.When I first met him he was bragging about gut shooting Deer.He had a bunch come in there,hunted all season.Killed a bunch of Deer just left them lay Yes the Agents know of this just haven't caught them.

But my question is why would anyone think this way,and be very serious about their thought?

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