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Nothing wrong with that one...a real beauty and I bet it will be great eating. My only point for bringing up the safety thing Hemi is because we have many younger members who get information and develop habits based on these forums. The one thing I have learned after spending approximately 50 years in the field is that safety needs to be automatic...every time. When people make decisions and compromise safety that is when accidents happen. For instance when I make a shot on game I automatically eject the spent casing, chamber anotherbullet and put the gun on safe if I don't intend on shooting another round. I do it the same way every time even while on the range and as a result I always know the status of my gun. I have seen hunters running up to the downed animal with their gunstill with the empty casing in the chamber as well as others with a live round and no safety on. When I retrieve the dead animal I unload the gun before I field dress and drag or pack it out. I try to leave nothing to chance and treat an unloaded gun as if it is loaded. In addition, I always check to get a visual on the safety while in the field to ensure that it didn't get accidentally knocked off. It really doesn't matter whether you are on public or private land. I don't mean to be preaching to you but I had to mention it in the hopes that it will impact someone and prevent something bad from happening. Once again congratulations on a great trophy and a story you will be able to pass on for generations.

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