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Default bare shaft testing (help needed)

I'm sure this info is already posted somewhere but I would like some advice, please. I just got some new easton axis st 340 arrows (black,no camo)and would really like to know how long to cut them to get the correct spine. I have a hoyt razortec and am comfortableat70# draw weight. I am a 30" draw length and shoot 100 gr tips and blazers(no wrap). How do you bare shaft tune to get the correct spine? I've been shooting this bow for 4 years and am just now learning all the neat fine tuning that can be doneto a bow from this forum. I now know that I have to start by getting the correct spined arrow for my setup. Do I shoot a bare shaft through paper? How do I interprit the results? Any help would be much appreciated as I am anxious to get these new arrows cut to the correct length so I can start fine tuning my bow and practice practice practice! Thanks for your time!
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