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nightmare,you have them right in your back yard.One of the guys from Springdale sportmans club got one that went 51 lbs, and he is getting it mounted $550.00.He got it in deer season,not to far from were they want to build the mall off route 28 in Frazer township.I have seen tracks in that area and heard them yipping a couple of times when i was calling,no shooting yet.I would do what coyoteseeker said,also you have to do a lot of scouting,and with the snow it makes it a lot easier,you have find out were they are,and see if you can pattern them. The best time to hunt is at daybreak,and towards evening.I'll give you a couple web sites that might help you out,this first one will give information on the coyote,and picture of the tracks and the dopping. I couldn't get it to hyperlink on the web site,so here is the other one, www.hunting go into the message boards and you'll find all the topics for hunting in Pa,this should help you get a better idea what your getting into.
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