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you say you have every thing but a call,this means your just sitting there waiting for one to happen by??? well son let me tell ya, you might wait along time.waiting out coyote is a loosing battle at best. first off go to this place and check out all the calls availible.this site has a large(the largest i have found)selection of calls by different manufactorers to choose from.all i can say is there realy isn't any call thats better then the other,its a matter of personal preference and any of them will call in predators.if your in a place with cold temps you will need at least one open reed call for freeze up personal feeling is "you can never have to many calls" so don't be affraid to buy several or many different calls over time.this way you will find the ones you like and have confidence will also need a howler call,a howler is a very important part of coyote hunting but its also the hardest to learn and the most misunderstood aspect of calling coyotes.for this reason i say pick up "a how to hunt coyote" tape or video and learn all the different vocalizations and what they mean and when to use them,all it takes is the wrong vocalization made by you and the hunt is over.i have 3 howlers,one by ej-sceery thats very old and has fallin victom to slober rot and 2 by quaker boy.the two by quaker boy are the ones i use these days and they seem to work good,one is a deeper voiced call while the other is much higher pitched.both have there uses and times when they are far as my distress calls i have many,at least 20.they all work but none of them work all the time.i have calls by:johnny stewart,ej-sceery,lohmann,burnhamm bros,denise kirk,olt,penn woods,quaker boy and maybe more.i recently aquired the verminators,tweety and thumper and although i have not had a chance to try them out(wind is killing us here)i am very impressed with them, the ease of use and how they sound.without even calling in a critter with them yet,i will recomend either or both of these calls.thumper is the deeper more jack rabbit sounding call.there both open reed calls also.i also use diaphram calls somtimes that work very well.i have one diaphram thats for howling only and the rest are my turkey calls that double as predator calls.i don't believe its nessesary that you buy as many calls as i have over the last 20 years but it dosn't hurt to have a veriety of calls in you arsonal.i have on more them one occation gone thru all my calls in a day(or night) of hunting looking for the one those little buggers want to hear.a howler that commands a look at is the red desert howler.although a little pricy ,from what i have heard its a very nice and effective howler.and regarless of what distress calls and howler you buy,PRACTICE-PRACTICE-PRACTICE!!!!!!!and then when your done practicing......PRACTICE SOME MORE!!!!!!!!!!!
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