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Howdy all,I hope at this time you are found to have filled all of your tags and memory storage of great hunts of past! my question is this. I am relitively new at coyote hunting. Although I have been a avid deer, pheasant, grouse, bear, fox, squirrel and rabbit hunter for several years now ( approx. 18 ) I have yet to bag a coyote. my choice of guns range from .17 - .416 ( maybe a little big for coyotes') I do use my tactical 308 as my weapon of choice and i have all of the precautionary extra's like scent lock, cover sprays camo etc.,etc.. I do not have a call!! Does anybody have any suggestions on a particular call they have used, and meathod they use it in! looking to have my best year yet and the coyote will sure help do that! any suggestion would be greatly appreiciated and more than likely employed good luck gys and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!
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