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Default RE: Review of Summit's Hot Dot sight

Beautiful review. You did an excellent job as always.

Two questions: (since you have played around with it)

1. Rule of thumb with my hunting experiences: If it can go wrong, it will. On that note, how hard is that battery to change while on stand or do you have a good 10-12 hours of light from the back-up to finish hunting all day and head back to the cabin to change the battery? (if you have to change the battery on stand, do you have to mess around with stupid little screws that always tend to break or get lost?)

2. What do you mean by water resistant? I know my water resistant camo clothes always leave my soaked to the bone at the end of the drizzly day. I wouldn't imagine electricity and water mix.

Ok...can I ask a third..or maybe this is my fourth?

3/4. In your honest opinion, do you think this rest will catch on for more hunters or target shooters?