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Default RE: Change in color / odor of lube in Oxyoke / TC patches

Maybe they are offering flavors now... So you still use the pre cut patches Roundball. I am kind of surprised. With as much into the sport as you seem, I would have figured you for a patch cutter kind of person. I still have a lot of patches around the house, but with their age I would not really trust them anymore. They will go bad in time I was told if they are pre lubed. Is that true? Or maybe yours never get that old...

Actually I never minded the smell of the bore butter in Wintergreen. Also Hoppie's Gun solvent always used to have a nice smell. As did WD-40. I can remember my mother no being too happy about me and my gun cleaning smells in the house. Now Mink Oil, which is what we used to rub into our hunting boots (but the stuff we shoot I was told is different and do not believe that story), had a smell that I did not really care for.
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