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Default Change in color / odor of lube in Oxyoke / TC patches

There's something different about the lube being used in patches under the Oxyoke and TC label during the past year…it may be since being bought out by that other ML company, they’ve made the change, and I assume they also continue to make patches for TC’s label.

I bought a couple bags of Oxyoke precut/prelubed pillow ticking patches for my .62cal, and half dozen bags of TC’s .54cal.
They are identical to previous patches in every respect except that they don’t have the orange NL1000 color and they don’t have the wintergreen smell…it’s not an unpleasant smell and the odor that comes to mind is the same as I recall a can of boot dressing smelled that was called SnoSeal I think...a soft white paste.

The .62cal bags are labeled "Oxyoke Originals, Wonder Ticking 1000 Plus", just like their previous bags… and there’s no difference between TC’s labels either…just the color and smell...and they all "feel" and shoot exactly the same way.
(Note: in the photo to show the original NL1000 color of .62cal Oxyoke patches I actually displayed a bag sold under the name "Muzzleloader Originals, same thing)

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