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Default RE: Trophy Ridge 2 Piece Quiver

1. Your riser will have mounting holes in it, top and bottom. Standard size, it'll fit.
I know that, I have a 2 piece mounted in those holes now, what I would like to know is. Arethe Trophy Ridge mounts round too? Looks like they are triangle shaped from the photo I posted or is that the end that fits into the quiver.

The part that fits into the bow, if it's round does it just use pressure from the screw to stay in place or is the peg tapered so that the more it's tightened the more "jammed" it gets...make sense? I have had the type that fit into place loose and just the pressure ofthe mount screw held it into place. Those always moved no matter how hard I'd tighten the screw. That's why most have some sort of shape that fits with the bow ie; triangle, square, hexagon, etc...this way you don't have to over tighten to keep the quiver in place. With the quiver I have now it's a little different. The quiver posts are round like the holes only they start to taper out slightly so when you tighten them in with the screw they "wedge" themselves in real tight and they don't budge.

I know it's hard to explain, I'm having a hell of a time just trying to ask the questions.
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