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Default River Crossing?

I ran into a unique (to me)situation the other day while scouting some new property. There is a walking trail that leads along the side of an overgrown field, crosses the river and leads into a bigger series of overgrown fields. The fields have waist high growth of mostly goldenrods and sumac.

I got to the river crossing and saw lots of tracks all going the same direction and following the trail. There were at least 30 sets of tracks. The odd thing was that every single track lead in the same direction. The river has really steep banks on one or both sides. The banks are at least six feet tall and in some cases as much as ten feet tall. So, the crossing opportunities are limited. I figure they must be going in a loop and crossing at another place along the riverand traveling inthe opposite direction.

Has anyone experienced this before? If so did you hunt the crossing and when did you see the most activity morning or evening? This place is totally new to me and this was the first chance I've had to scout there, but I'll definitely be back.
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