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Default RE: Dumb hunting laws!

1.The law in many states that makes it illegal to go on someones property to retrieve a wounded or dead deer, even if they seek permission in advance and are accompanied by a game warden.

2. The law in Illinois that only issues lower priced out-of-state landowner deer permits to people who own 40 or more acres of land.

3. Opening rabbit season in Illinois in early November when its too warm to hunt them, then closing it in early January just at the time when the weather is great for it and it wouldn't be disruptive to deer hunters.

4.Allowing deer hunting with centerline muzzleloaders that could kill at buffalo at 300 yards, yet prohibiting low velocity centerfire rifles.

5.In Illinois, not allowing certain types of hunting within 300 yards of a house without the residents permission, even if you are hunting on your own land at the time.

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