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Default RE: Okay, figure this one out....

shoot how you shoot best and feel comfortable. im new to archery but it almost sounds like you might have poor form and/or bad/no anchor points. if you had good form and a few anchor points i dont see how you could be on target one day with sites and off the target the next. practice at 10-15 yds till your slamming shafts then move back 5yards. thats how i learned. but form and anchors are important. i dont know how to shoot instinctive(without sights and everything)

to each his own..i dont care how you shoot...bowhunting is a very personal thing. gotta feel the shot and be confident in yourself and your weapon. find your grove and stick with it..good luck!.....archery can be frustrating. the main reason im not shooting right now. the last few days i been a little off. then i finally figured out my grip was bad and fixed that...but at the same time my front shoulder started clicking and hurting. im taking the night off and probably tomarrow too
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