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Default RE: Cuddeback vs. Moultrie (I own Both)

I also have both cameras but, I don't think there is any comparison between the two. I'm not sure how your getting your batteries to last on your Moultrie because mine only last 2 weeks tops. My cuddeback last a month and half to two months. Now I have the 05 model and a 03 model in the cuddebacks so It doesn't compare to yours. I would say that there is something wrong with your cuddeback I would contact them about it because that doesn't sound right at all. Picture wise I think the cuddeback takes much better pictures even though the Moultrie isn't bad. My wife got me my Moultrie for christmas and paid about 150 bucks for it and the cuddebacks I paid around 280-300 for them. So from my experience there is not comparison as cuddeback is a much better camera.
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