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Default Cuddeback vs. Moultrie (I own Both)

I know some of you guys are diehard Cudde guys.......but I've had these experiences:

1) Moultrie 200 - I paid $179 (they're now on sale @ BPS for $139).....and I've had it in the woods for nearly a month. Still on the same 6V battery......and it's taken over 500 pics. No problems....and the deer are being photographed at 20 ft or more, sometimes.

2) Cuddeback Excite (2006) - I got it right after the's taken NINE pictures. I went to check the card on Sunday (been in the woods or a week).....COMPLETELY DEAD BATTERIES. It read battery power "3" when I left it a week ago. I paid $299 for this camera......and right now I wish I'd gotten 2 more Moultrie's instead.

I know if I pay a good amount of money for something.....human nature is to talk it up.....I just can't. I'm going to give it one more chance (new set of batteries)......then I'm looking into sending it back. This is pitiful.


Thanks for letting me VENT!
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