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Default Need some ideas.

Heres the situation. I have quite a bit of 1 inch tubing and some misc. steel laying around the farm, I was thinking about getting into videography this year to filma few bow hunts for myself and some friends. Hers what I want to do, I want to make a camera mount out of 1 inch tubing, and a piece of 4x6x2 hollow square steel plate. the 4x6x2 plate will need to be mounted to the 1 inch square tubing on a swivle that will mount to the 1 inch tubing which will then be either strapped or bolted to my Rivers EdgeAction DeluxLadder Stand (no longer mfgd)The inch tubing will mount paralell or on top of one of the side bars. If you look at a picture of my stand, google search it. It looks very similar to this mine has a fold up/down seat. Any ideas would be helpful since there only 45 days left till opeining day.
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