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Default RE: Serving for STS?

HuntingED, glad you liked the pics- I was beginning to wonder if people were getting sick of me posting them.
You shouldn't have to wait for the serving tool if you don't want to. Hand serving with proper tension will work since their is no load (loop or nock) on the served area there is less of a concern of it slipping.

I really like the idea of a V-tech with an STS. I loved the way the V-tec drew when compared to the other hoyt offerings, but it was the only29" bow with a 7" brace to bite my wrist out of some odd 12/13 I tried. An STS would cure that.
Once you get it served it should remove some of that thump you are hearing (at least it did for me) and give that tephlon/ nylon washer a try, if it doesn't do any good you might be out fifty cents or so. The only hang up with a washer is you can't get it as tight as without, but this has yet to pose any issues so farwith my bows.
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