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Johnny T
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I have looked at the some of the Tirkish made O/U's.For all there hipe and so called lock, stock and barrel warrantee I've never gotten a good feeling from them. I agree $1,500.00 is a lot to spend. As Mite said the Verona makes a nice gun for under $1000.00 I have also seen some of the Browning models for under a K as well. I have found that with O/U shopping you do need to determin for yourself "how nice is nice". By that I mean the difference between a $400.00 Stoeger and $800.00 dollar used Ruger is very noticable. The differce between of a Bretta Silver pigeon at $1500.00 and a Caesar Guerini Magnus Light at $2500.00 is not. Good luck with it, I can tell you with all certainty that getting a new O/U is right up their with getting a new car.
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