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I used to buy all my trapping supplies from a catalog some old timmer gave me - a place called michigan Trappers Supply - I don't have the magazine anymore and i tried to google the name and got nothing - It's been a few years and I am not sure if they are even around any more.

I get most everything i need now from a local guy. A place called the Grizz Shop - Guy really knows his stuff. Big into black powder and trapping. Makes alot of his own stuff in his shop and gets alot of things from wholesale auctions - Prices are better than anyone I have found but He doesn't have a website and I am not sure if he even has a catalog.

As for getting back into trapping goes... that is what i am hopping for. If the kids stay interested I would be more than happy to show them how to get their lines going and get one of my one going too.

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