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Default Crimson Talon

Any feedback on the broadheads? I have shot these the last 2 years and have had pretty good success with them. To me though, they are a one shot broadhead. They seem to bend very easily, even when in your quiver and you put them in and out. The blades seem very thin compared to Muzzy's.

I will have to say that I like them because I don't have to resight in my bow when I use these. You can't really use them to practice either because they don't have a practice blade and you would bend the hunting broadhead to hell.

The Muzzy's were about 4 inches low and right. That was with the AR. I haven't tried them in the Switchback. It may be worth going back and trying them out because I never had an issue with a Muzzy, whether it was deer, bear, or boar.
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