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the best way to stalk i feel is remember were you kicked up those deer and see if they bed in that area often. then stalk up on them using the wind to your advantage,or climb a tree and glass the area. then if you spot one try and devise the best way to sneek up on it. stalking is hard with a gun, it's really hard with a bow. i've tried to stalk with a bow but always can't get a draw on a deer before it's out of range. the gun is different, i use open sights and something light to bring up quick, it gives me a better chance to pull off a shot but usually there is a lot of brush in the way and the bullet never makes it or ends up deflected and just wounds the deer.stalkingis really hard to be honest. sometimes i stalk and sit for 20-30 minutes and move again. try using scent or rattles or bleat/grunt calls. keep a diary and log the moon phase, temp, wind speed and direction. mark on a map were you've seen deer run, bed etc. as far as hunting alone try public land. some areas are hunted hard at the begining of the season but get little pressure towards the end. other pieces of land are barrely touch. good luck and let use know how you do.
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