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Default Need A Little Help

This is my first year hunting for deer. I bought a very nice bow and am pretty good at it in shooting targets. I have a few friends who hunt, so i have been going out with them, filming, trying to learn the ropes. I have unfortuanley not been able to get a good shot yet. It seems like every time i go, we barely see anything. I realize, patience is key, and i plan on being out there every saturday till the end of season, but will things improve? Any pointers you guys have would be great. Also, what are some techniques for stalking deer, i tried that today, and we flushed a few up, but were still unable to get a shot. Finally, since i rely on my friends land for places to hunt, how can i find a place to hunt, where i can go alone, would it be best to just find a farm and ask?

any other tips yall have would be highly appreciated. THanks
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