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Default Unbelivable poaching story.

Well my uncle and his step son were out hunting, and a guy pulls up that they know. Gets out shoots a buck from the road off of another guys property RIGH INFRONT OF THEM!! They had the orange and stuff on them and everything. Well they call the game warden at 9:30 gets there at 4:30 IN THE AFTERNOON!. Well they tell the game warden what happens and he says they have had the SAME PROBLEM with the guy before, so they go back hunting. Well there little friend decides to stop by. Holds down the horn and they head up to the house and the guy gets out and go's well i just want to let you know they caught me took my gun and i got a 175 dollar fine. And is like im just trying to see who my friends are and my uncle who is HUGE has records at the high school for weight records and his arms are seriously the size of my legs, and starts gettin lippy with him. But my uncle tells him its not about friends its about safety and doing the right thing. But we think the game warden let him off the hook. Because if they have caught him before there not just gone fine him and take the gun. And we think they let him off because hes a retired HIGHWAY PATROL MAN. Well thats my little story. What do you all think.
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