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I was in that same position last year. Wanted German optics but without the price. I bought a cheap pair and returning them because the edge to edge sharpness was not there. What I ended up getting was a 10x42 and 8x30 set of Russian military binocs. I bought them off E-Bay and really like them. They are very sharp, have diopler adjustments for each eye, and are prefocused and are very durable. The slight downsides are being unable to focus on something very close, having a rangefinder reticule on one side, and the coating is a slight sepia tone. They are clearer than some Nikons that I've looked through. Here is a link to a set from the person I bought them from.
I'm not saying they are better than German optics, but are a good buy IMHO. I especially like the 10x42's that I paid $179 for. I see they are cheaper now.

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