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Default RE: Help with 10x42 Binoculars

I hesitate to ever answer on any of the binocular threads because I don't own a Zeiss, Swarovski or (I forget the name of the other big name expensive binoc. company).

On the other hand, I am the king of inexpensive binoculars as I own quite a few of different magnifications and objective sizes.

If money is a big issue then I would suggest buying an inexpensive pair of 10x42s for now and possibly upgrading later if they don't suit your needs.

I was just over at and found several 10x42 models under $100 that would suit your needs. One is even around $50 if I remember correctly.

One word of caution though...I have bought several binocs through that catalog. Some have been semi-decent and some have been relatively good quality. I am buying a pair of 10x42s soon but I haven't decided which ones yet either.

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