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Default RE: Planting question

Hi Mike -

The plan sounds good - it might be hard to find a small bag of BFO though -
For 1/3 Acre - I'd say 20-30 lbs of BFO and 3 lbs of clover. Your application sounds good - except I'd agree with greg & roll the clover after broadcasting - If you can use a culitpacker. If not - drive your 4 wheeler or truck over and over on the plot to pack down the soil - it really does make a big difference in seedling germination rates.

Kevin - BFO is a cold hardy oats - that is much more hardy than typical spring oats - which die after the 1st frost or two. Its a good fall plot in most areas.

Mike - I don't know how cold your winters get - but If you get single digit weather - they willl die back - which is prefferred as far as I'm concerned - they will have done their job as a nurse crop - and the clover will come on full bore in the spring. If it doesn't die off - you might have to mow it back a couple times next year. I'm not 100% sure but I think 120 lbs/acre is what is suggested for a straight BFO plot - so you want about 75-80% of a full planting so the clover can take root - don't expect to see much clover this fall.

Post pics!

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