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Default RE: Buffalo Bullet sabot loads

I found that the sabot most easy to load in not only my Black Diamond XR but all my rifles for that matter are the T/C Mag Express, Knight, and Harvester. The thing I do is if the sabot is for a .452 diameter I look for a .451 diameter projectile. They just seem to go down easier. The same holds true for the .429-.431 sabots, I look for a .430 bullet.

I can only load a Hornady XTP and Harvester sabot with a lot of range rod pressure. That is why I took to buying the XTPs with the Mag Express Sabot. Now that I found the Buffalo Bullets I shoot them. They come in 225, 252, 302 and 375 grain.

The only one of that group that is giving me fits are the 252 grain Boattail hollowpoints. I think because when they were shipped the box broke open and so did a box of .54 caliber Buffalo Ball-et. All the sabots, and projectiles got smeared with that Ball-et grease which is some sticky stuff. I washed all the projectiles and sabots but I can still feel that lube on them and maybe they are grabbing the sabot harder or something. I will see more with the next box that was not broken. I bought a few boxes of each when a place was having a heck of a sale...
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