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Whats the scariest thing that happend to you?

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Default Whats the scariest thing that happend to you?

Whats the Scariest thing that have ever happened to you? Or mabe the scaries thing that you have seen?
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Default RE: Whats the scariest thing that happend to you?

when i was about 3, there was a car wreck right by our house. i was going to work with my dad, and this little girl who was dead was lying right out in teh middle of the road. no cover, no body bag. ive had nightmares ever since.

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Default [Deleted]

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Default RE: Whats the scariest thing that happend to you?

I was bowhunting one night and two racoons came in. I drilled the first one and took the second one while it was running away. It managed to climb the tree and die. It was dark when i got out of my blind so i went to get my arrows. I grabbed the first coon off the ground and went after the second one in the tree. I reached up and grabbed what i thought was a tree limb. It was my arrow. My hand slid down it and was cut completely open by the broadhead. It leighed my right hand open and the thumb was just dangling. Luckily i wasnt hunting alone, my uncle was on the other side of the property. He got back, i wrapped my hand up as good as i could, and he took off back to the town we were staying in about 40 miles away. I passed out once cause of the blood loss, but we were able to bandage it up good enough and stop the bleeding. That would have been if i was alone.
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Default RE: Whats the scariest thing that happend to you?

When i was staying at my friends grampas farm when about 8 people came with guns trying to steal the anhydrus amonia or how ever you spell it so they could make meth. And we were all in one room and luckily we had a gun or they might have came in after us but they were like looking in the windows and stuff and it was me a 23,11,14,7,and a 6 year old there so some of the little kids were crying and stuff. It took the cops like 1 hour to find the place and bye that time it was getting light out and the people got away.
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Default RE: Whats the scariest thing that happend to you?

I' ve had alot of things that were scary that had happen to me but i' ll have to tell them all later. One thing that happened recently wasn' t really scary for me, just felt rather helpless because i couldn' t do anything about it. About 3 weeks at work, i just got back to my station and clocked off but still had the radio. One of our guys was responding to a call involving a guy who was causing problems and was on speed. He started to assault the officer and beat him up pretty good, a few times our guy was able to get on the radio and was pleading " someone help me!" and i wasn' t able to go help him because like i said i was clocked off. Thankfully to say we had a few more guys get there and got the guy off of him. He was arrested for felony attempted murder, felony assualt and battery and being under the control of an illegal substances. Our guy wasn' t hurt too bad, few scraps and brusies, but needless to say was shaken up pretty good.
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Default RE: Whats the scariest thing that happend to you?

well i was riding with my brother going into town for school and it was blizzarding out with slush and we hit a patch of ice and hit the ditch with the car. but no one was hurt
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Default RE: Whats the scariest thing that happend to you?

It all started one night, the snow was falling and we were sledding on a hill near a main road. After having some fun with the sleds, it was inevitable to happen......we (Josh, Steve, my brother, and myself) got into a snowball fight. My brother threw one at Josh and it then hit the winshield of a passing car. We saw the car stop, so we ran away. We didn' t know who was in that car, and I dont think any of us wanted to find out.

As I was running down a hill towards a road, this car came speeding around the turn and nearly hit me before it stopped. Just then it hit me " This was the car that my brother hit with the snowball" , I thought to myself.

For some strange reason, I froze, and waited to see who would come out of the car. Your probably thinking that it was some big ol' thug coming to beat the daylights out of me...if thats what you were thinking, you' re wrong. It was a mother[>:] of a small child (10 years old?), at this point I wish it had been a thug[X(]. The lady automatically thought that I was the one who threw the snowball. She ran out of her car, started screaming some words 4-letter words at me, and then started to choke me. I got her hands off, then she shoved me back into a snow bank. [:@]. I wanted to punch that sucker, but didn' t. Then she started going crazy on my older brother. We finally ran away from her.

Then we met up with Josh and Steve in a patch of woods. From there, it was about 3/4 mile from my house. I never thought I could run so fast in all that snow-gear

So that was one of my scariest encounters....a p' ed off lady that assualted me[>:]
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Default RE: Whats the scariest thing that happend to you?

How could I forgot this one?

When I was in New York, around Christmas time (we always go, we used to live there) I saw something odd happen at a gas station. These guys ran out, one with a mask. He held up a hand-gun pointed at the direction of the clerk just before they sped away. That was somewhat scary, but the robbers drove off in a different direction.

The scariest thing I have EVER seen was something I will never, ever forget.
It was something we all saw, something we never wanted to see happen...9/11/01

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Default RE: Whats the scariest thing that happend to you?

I wasn' t really " scared" but moreso, very excited. If I would have had a half a brain, I would have been scared...LOL.

I was bowhunting in WA state on a frosty, clear morning. It was still pretty dark in the thick timber I was in. I was on the ground, with my back up against a small tree, kneeling on one knee, looking down into a small gully that tapered off about 20 yards from where I was positioned, the wind was coming from straight ahead....lots of sign and tracks in and around the gully so I was pretty excited. About 8am, I saw movement about 100 yards away, and the birds and squirrels were making lots of noise.....couldn' t tell exactly what it was at this point. Continued seeing movement until it was about 40 yards from me, heading straight up the gully towards me.....a cougar. At this point, I should have stood up and started waving my arms and yelling, but I didn' t...I just continued to watch as he got closer. He passed off to my right at a max distance of about 10 yards and never even saw or smelled me, and I never least not on the heart was racing about 100 miles an hour. As he passed, he stepped over a small fallen tree-limb and paused a second or two and licked his front right paw. I could plainly see it was a male and could make out every single wisker...he was THAT close. He continued on until he disappeared in the brush behind me. I waited about 20 minutes and then got up and headed to the edge of the brush...several, several feet from where he entered, to try to see him. I had been watching the small brush pile (actually a thick spot in a finger of small trees) and the large clear-cut area on the other side to catch site of the cougar again, but never did. How he crossed that clear-cut without my seeing him is still a mystery to me, but the experience is one that I will never forget.
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