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fireplace ash

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Default fireplace ash

Anyone use fireplace ash in there plots to raise ph? I have been reading about adding ashes to gardens and lawns to raise ph - You have to use natural wood ashes not pressure treated or painted wood - I might try it on one plot - have to do something with the ashes and if it helps the plot I am all for it - Notices one area I planted clover last year - near a firepit the clover and brassica went crazy - Just an idea -
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Default [Deleted]

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Default RE: fireplace ash

I have been using wood ashes for at least 4-5 years. I store it in a 20 gal. drum, and when near full, carry it back to one of my plots. And yes, it does help. Earlier this winter I had enough for just one end of a small plot. A week later you could see the difference comparing it to the half that didn't get the ash. The next drum will go on the other half. I'll look up the list I have of all the nutrients in wood ash. I posted it a while back, but I will try and post it again.

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Default RE: fireplace ash

Ok, below is the list of the nutrients in wood ash.

calcium oxide 20-80 lbs.
Potassium oxide 10-30 lbs
Magnesium oxide 5-10 lbs
Phosphorus pentoxide 2-8 lbs

Micronutrients (trace amts.)

Wood ashes contain Calcium Carbonate, a form of lime, and will help PH.
One ton of dry wood will produce 4 to 20 pounds of ash (0.2-1.0 percent, depending on wood type
Approx. 50lbs ash per cord of hardwood.

As you can see, it's not much, but every little bit helps.

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I just put 50 gal. on my place by my cabin. I put it in an area where the Canary grass grows really tall and thick. I think the acid in the soil helps this stuff grow. Question is does anyone know what makes this grass grow so tall and thick. It's very acidy soil in Price co. Wis. I'm wondering how to rid of it. I even tried roundup but came back up full throttle the next year. What can I do to rid this stuff. P.S. The deer don't even touch it.
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Direct hit from a nuclear bomb is about the only way I know of to get rid of canary grass. Even then, it is only 50/50 that you would get it all. I have it in a drain that smothers all other vegetation...including aggressive willow. I have also tried to get rid of it and nothing even slowed it down. But then, I quit trying to find the solution and decided to just live with it.
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I rely on lime when initially ripping up the ground for a new plot, but I will take the fireplace ash and toss it around on top of established plots. I haven't been doing PH tests to see how much of a PH difference it makes, but then it hasn't hurt either. In the vegetable garden, you can place thick lines of the ashes in-between the vegetable rows to help control slugs and some of the insects.
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