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Planting chicory

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Default Planting chicory

Hey, I live in minnesota. I planted clover and threw some biologic chicory in with it. Well, itís been very dry here, with little rain. Iím wondering if my clover will come back next year ? Also, my chicory is doing pretty well. Iím wondering if I should have planted all chicory in my 3 1/2 acre plot ?
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well this is a hard question to answer, as so many things can alter things

first off, before the drought happened was the clover doing VERY good, was it in full take(mature clover that has made it to seed at least once), or was it still just starting to grow and fill in?
this make a difference in IF it will recover once weather allows

NEXT is, HOW is the soil doing, is it capable of growing and allowing clover to strive< what does a soil test tell you!
clover IMO< is a picky crop, soil has to be JUST right, and it cannot have too much competition with weeds and or other faster growing crops! clover tends to get choked out faster than weeds grow and why, its typically a crop that has to be sprayed to maintain or mowed often! to control weeds!
Next it again has to have correct soil PH
so us not knowing the condition of clover before dry spell, and or current soil PH, , no one can tell you if it will come back or not minus a wild guess here!(and I have 30+ yrs of planting deer specific food plots for my experience level here))

NEXT< same sort of goes for IF you should have just planted chicory in your full plot or not
as that also comes down to a ton of variables, from what your goals are, to when you want the plot to attract deer, same with soil and other things
IMO< chicory is a slightly lower work plot,a s it tends to grow well, doesn't need spraying as often and will grow in a SLIGHTLY less perfect soil than clover
NOT a LOT, but a little less picky on soil
it tens to do better with weeds as it grows fast and will also shade weeds better than clover will

but both crops(clover/chicory) attract deer at different times they both don't last long after heavy frosts and tend to be early season hunting plots

asking what to plant, again comes down to your goals and even maybe what OTHERS in your area DON"T have pl;anted, if your trying to get and keep deer on your lands over others near by!

sadly, odds are LOW that your clover will bounce back IMO< as again weeds typically grow faster and will tolerate harder conditions, which mans when rains do come, they will grow and choke out the clover left

BUT this again can be different pending HOW established the clover crop was before drought came, and again soil quality!

you have option of reseeding next time it rains, too!
as that will help it recover faster too!
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