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Stoping Rubs with Foil

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Default Stoping Rubs with Foil

I've put out several fruit trees and chestnut trees out in my unused pasture in the last few years. Been spraying when I could with the stinky sprays.
I've had some luck with that. But being a truck driver I'm not around to spray them regularly as needed.
I've been wondering if maybe I could wrap some aluminum foil around the trunks to keep the bucks from rubbing them.
Anybody know if that would work?
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I can't imagine that would work.

How many do you have? I have A small "orchard" just 8 trees.

But I put 4' high chicken wire about 4' around them and that's kept the bucks off

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I also highly doubt adding foil will do anything, but maybe attract them even more, to a shiny object LOL
they sell special trunk protectors, that do help some times but have seen bucks rub on them too, also seen bucks rub on metal posts as well??

the best thing you can do to protect fruit tree's or tree's of value is fence them off, and keep fencing at least 4 ft from tree, so the cannot reach in with there heads and browse /eat the tree itself
and fence needs to be rather strong enough to NOT allow them to Push it in
if you lives in a place where bears are its even harder and most times electric fencing is needed and still doesn't always work! all the more so when tree's have fruit on them they want!

also, one of the other issues will be smaller animals getting in and crewing on the bard=k of the tree's in winter time, they can do as much damage or more than a deer will! at times!

I have had good luck using sheet rock galvanized wire mesh, to fold over about the bottom like a "L" and cover a about a ft of it with dirt, (I even like to use 2 b gravel, easy to get, and cover things with and allows water in!
this way even if the try to dig under it they cannot
but a hungry animal can be pretty damaging and persistent to get past a lot of attempts to save things!
its added work and costs , but in the long run it does save tree's and pass off in the big picture, nothing sucks more than loosing a tree as soon as its getting good!
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I've got a couple dozen out there.
Some have tubes around them. Some have chicken wire.
Some have nothen.
My thought was maybe if it had something unfamiliar around it,
they would be unsure of it and move on to one that looks like someting they are familiar with.

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