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Default Food Plot Help

I purchased some whitetail institute imperial clover and am excited to give it a go this year. I have some lands surrounded by woods that opens up and am looking at making it into a clover plot. The problem is the land is very remote and hard to get to with a tractor or fourwheeler. It is virgin sod and currently has grass that's about knee high. I won't be able to burn the grasses either because of the risk of catching the surrounding woods on fire also. What should I do to get rid of the grass and turn up the sod. I could get a push power tiller back there, but nothing bigger than that.

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How big of a plot are we talking about here? Is it level ground or on a hill? Rocky? What kind and how deep is your soil? How much sunlight does it receive?

With a perennial clover, I'd probably want to start with a clean, tilled seedbed if possible. Might mean you'd have to run a push mower, then follow behind with a tiller if you can't get equipment to it. But there are plenty of things that would eliminate that as an option. If you have really coarse soils, lots of rocks, shallow soil, or much change in elevation, I would not suggest tilling and might not suggest clover.

If it isn't on heavy, level ground, I would probably try mowing it as close to the ground as possible (weed eater or push mower if you have to), broadcast the seed, then take a garden rake and rake the plot. You are not trying to use the rake for tillage, just disturb the surface a little and help distribute the seed.
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I agree HOW Big is the site, how much sun light will it get AFTER leaves develop

first thing I'd do is a soil test, before you spend a bunch of HRS and hard work, only to find out your screwed on soil PH

if the plot gets shaded out come leave up, you could be wasting your time too, as it will cause a poor take
if you DON"T kill the existing weeds, plants there with a round up like deal, your clover will fastly be out grown by weeds and before long all clover will be a SMALL percentage of the plot and over time even less!

a small back pack sprayer or the likes can help burn down weeds with a chemical(not fire burn down but chemical BURN down)

I have done a bunch of remote plots, have yet to have one I could walk a tiller into I couldn;t get to with an ATV

but even an atv isn't the best at tilling ground with a drag behind ATV like disc

I'd do soil test, NOW if possible
get in there after test and LIME up as needed and then some
then, MIX lime if possible with what ever you can, hand rake, or tiller

do this best you can
and then, wait till green up, once weeds are GREEN and growing and about 6-7 inches tall, I would go back and spray to kill, wait a day or so, and re seed it and fertilize it, and HOPE for the best!
I'd cut back as many tree's as possible too, to help keep sunlight on plot IF you can LEGALLY do so!
hing cut many too, to help make access to plot more selective by dropping in ways to BLOCK a million ways into plot and have them walk where YOU want them more too!
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The area is about 50 yards long by about 60 yards wide. It gets plenty of sunlight per day and it is very level. There are plenty of signs of deer activity, but once the season rolls around the deer don't stay around. So I want to grow this plot to give them a reason to stick around and obviously a good food source is good for deer. It's virgin sod, but the soil is great. The grass that is there is probably knee high. Do you think I should spray it then mow it real low with a push mower, then till it? I feel like that is one of my only options. The clover will work here as long as I can get a good seed bed, but that's the hardest part.

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I think you would be NUTS to NOT do a soil test, simple cheap and NO reason NOT to

as if soil PH is WAY off(weeds and grass will grow and thrive places clover WON"T) you could waste a LOT of your money and time tilling and planting here!

Clover also is a plot that tends to need maintenance to stay healthy, MOWING to help combat weeds and or spraying or BOTH

deer like fresh young clover, mowing give the plot more holding power

as FALL comes, clover is a HUGE attractant, and deer will migrate to better area's to eat the more prime foods of that time
after a few frosts, clover will pucker up and again deer will look else where for main meals

JUST advice, here
Clover is a great plot, but its NOT the best come hunting season! and it takes WORK to keep it mostly clover and NOT weeds
and why a more correct PH is important
as if lesser PH< weeds will grow FASTER than the clover and will choke it out on you in short order!(this where chemicals and mowing again are needed to TRY and save it)
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