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psandhu 02-14-2012 06:27 AM

I was in your same situation about 15 years ago. You really need a 2 or 3 bottom plow. Trying to disk unworked ground is going to be futile. A 35 horse tractor can easily pull a 2 bottom plow. You might borrow the plow for the initial tillage. In subsequent years, you might be OK with just the disk.

Last month was the time to apply lime, although this week is not too late. I have rented the big fertilizer spreaders (ground drives the conveyor, pto drives the impellor) and had 2 tons of lime put in. One person drives the tractor and another sits in the spreader with a shovel and feeds it out the conveyor chute. The lime tends to bridge over the conveyer, so someone has to work it. A second method to apply lime (or winter wheat) is to get a ton or so in the back of a pickup. One person drives and another blows it out the back with a leaf blower.

MO and the other name brands are a waste of money i.m.o. Get ag seed at the co-op. While you are at it, get you're RUP license from the extension office. It's an open book test, but I suggest reading the book cover to cover before taking the test.

You'll also need some sort of sprayer. I built one from a 10' piece of PVC, a 15 gallon electric sprayer, sprayer fittings and hose. I had the 15 gallon tank, the other parts were about $75. I welded a cradle together to hold the tank and boom, and adapted the cradle to fit a 3 point hitch.

Check craigslist and eBay on a regular basis. It's where I've picked up my 2 row planter, 2nd tractor, aerater, ATV, skid steer, outboard, jon boat, and even some seed.

MUZZY 100 02-27-2012 10:20 AM

Get your soil test done,I wouldn't kill all the CRP but maybe position a 1/2 acre plot into the crp to work with a stand or 2. Mow out that spot sprayit with gly-round up wait till its dead,till it in with lime or what ever ferts you need and let the new weeds start growing and then spray it again .then when they are dead you can braodcast your clove etc...and cultipack it to get good soil contact.The more time you take to prep that spot the better your plot will be..

jtktbarnett 11-19-2013 11:42 AM

I have used Mossy Oak Biologic products for years and they work great. If you are wanting fall food plots, I mow it short and disc it late July. Then spray round up to kill grass and vegitation. Wait 3 weeks, spray again, and wait another 3 weeks. When I plant I broadcast the seed and add 50lbs of 13-13-13 per 1/2 acre. I shoot to plant on labor day weekend and watch the weather for rain (plant just before rain). This way you plots will be thriving come October and November after the local ag fields are cut and deer will be pounding them. I have never taken a soil sample and this process has worked every year. I plant Mossy Oak Maximum, full draw, and red/white clover. My land in is Kansas as well.

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