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Default ryegrass

when you plant rye grass for deer do you have to have fertilizer?
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That depends on what your soil test says. All plants need nutrients, but your soil may be fine as is or it may need fertilizer. pH is critical as well.
Also, I think you may mean rye grain, not rye grass. Other than the high sugar varieties, ryegrass belongs in your yard, not a food plot. Rye grain typically like some extra N.
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Yep, don't plant rye grass for a food plot.
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Good advice from both.
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I have planted winter rye and it is a great attractant. I have 2 plots a nutrional one for spring and summer (buck forage Chicory and ladino clover) and kill (harvest) plot which is the buck forage oats. I would go with the buck forage oats with out question. Deer eat on it 24/7. It is of course a fall planting. it is like cocaine to them. i can walk out in the middle of the plot and the deer will not run. they love it!
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I agree with don't plant rye grass. I did once and won't again. It's extremely invasive and has no value. Doesn't draw the deer and isn't tall enough for decent cover. Rather than rye plant chicory. I have had better luck with that and it grows well in low light areas. Have also had great luck with brassica (rape), turnips and alfalfa. And get a soil test to determine amounts of fertilizer and lime. Don't guess or you will only be wasting your money on seed.
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I used to be pretty hard against rye grass too, some of the newer cultivars are really pretty good.

Here's a link to some tests that I did on my proerty this year vs some high sucrose rye grass, oats, wheat, and winter rye. Now, this is not your standard rye grass...

https://bioplots.com/food-plot-services-nc-va/ Food Plot Services for NC and VA.

Our deer mineral supplementation system, read our analysis to understand what helps your deer antler growth

Durana clover seed for sale here!
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