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Trophy Rock vs. Trace mineral block

Old 08-29-2010, 05:37 AM
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Default Trophy Rock vs. Trace mineral block

My brother is really starting to get into deer hunting and he recently asked me what I thought about Trophy Rock. I'm always very reluctant to buy new products that makes claims that could be skewed. I told him that I don't use C'mere Deer, Deer Caine, or any other mineral supplement other than a plain ole 50lb brown trace mineral block from the feed store. The trace mineral block attracts deer for it's salt content, thats all. What the deer also get out of it is of little consequence. I don't even hunt over the blocks. I put them out so the deer don't have to leave my area to find the salt they crave.

So, without me posting all the facts about the two products, just tell me which one you would use and why.
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Old 08-29-2010, 01:06 PM
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If it is salty(trophy rock is), it works. Doesn't matter if you pay $3 or $30 for a picture on the bag. Just a heads up though, that stuff should have been put out back in February and will lose its attractiveness as cold weather sets in.
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I thought a Trophy Rock was basically a mineral stained chunk of rock salt, with a plastic wrap and a deer hunter target name.
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Originally Posted by timbercruiser View Post
I thought a Trophy Rock was basically a mineral stained chunk of rock salt, with a plastic wrap and a deer hunter target name.
Your exactly right. I have used many of both trophy rocks and salt/mineral livestock blocks. For whatever reason I do seem to have more deer use the trophy rock than a salt/mineral block. At the same time tho, I don't go out and buy a bunch of trophy rocks when they are $15/rock when you can get bigger salt blocks for about $6/block. To each their own I guess, just letn you know my experience with them. Great product but only treat myself to about 2 of them a year.
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Trophy rock works well by me, I'm going to try Imperials 30-06 starting this winter.
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Buy 1 of the trace mineral blocks at the feed store and bust it up with a wood spliting maul.
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