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Mineral Lick

Old 08-05-2010, 03:33 PM
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Default Mineral Lick

Okay so i am not going to be able to make food plots this year, so i want to do the next best thing, a mineral lick, mineral block, salt lick, whatever you may call it. I have never used one before and need to know how and when to use them. Do you bury them, or what. i want to put a camera over one so any tips on how to use it would be helpful so i can get some pics on the camera. Ive heard it is too late but will it last through winter? any brands you like?
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Go to post #8 in this thread and read the recipe. That guy and a bunch of other fellas on that forum swear by it. I havent had a chance to try it yet but by the results those guys are getting id bet it couldnt hurt to try it. And it's cheap!
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i use Trace Mineral salt in granulated form (50 lb. bag or 20 lb. block) for under ten bucks each. i dig a hole about 6 inches deep for the block and pour the granulated on a stump. deer hit it year after year.
really best to start a mineral lick during the spring.
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Seems like alot of work. If you want to do it on the cheap, go to your local tractor supply, buy a large block mineral cattle lick, and drop it in the woods where you want. It will last about 6 months.

Just be sure that you are allowed to hunt over/near bait, or the salt lick might violate that rule.
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I use a mineral I get at tractor supply called Bradigans, comes in a green and white bag. I poor it over an old stump and the deer love it! Tear the stump all to heck. Then during the so called Oct. lull I add a little C'mere deer and everything shows up during shooting light...........it's awesome
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Deer tear them up all spring and summer, then a frost hits. Mineral site use falls off a cliff. Use them for trail cam bait in summer, not hunting spots in the fall.

Throw some dical in with your mineral salt to up the calcium and phosphorus levels. Simply put, that's what horns are made of.
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I use the range minerals from Tractor Supply. $16.00 for 50#. have used it for years and the deer seem to like it.
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First off I wouldn't spend a lot of money on stuff with a picture of a big buck on it. This is not needed. Go to your local feed store or something similar. Deer like salt but it doesn't really do much for them nutritionally. However they do use a salt like all summer long and then shuts off in fall. Do some research on this and get prepared to get some out next February and youll be prepared for next spring/summer. If your looking for a mixture to help with nutrition find something or have a feed store mix it for you which is what I do. You shouldnt have more than 25% salt, and then about 18% calcium and 9% phos, also have them mix in many trace minerals, dried molasses, sulfur, etc. I get 50lb bag of a killer mixture for $15 a bag. Can't beat it. Nothing on the market compares to what I use and its 1/4 the price. Good luck with this! Its alot of fun to experiment with different mixtures and see what works in your area.
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