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Food plot advice?

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Default Food plot advice?

I hunt on 10 acres of pine. Is there anything that I can plant in there for next year?
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Is there a "woods" road into that stand of pines or somehting similar along one or more edges .... if so, maybe you could till or disk some of that up and plant a plot in that strip.
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pines tend to mean lots of shade so make sure to avoid plants requiring full sun. All the major seed companys make a "hidden" plot seed blend for wooded areas. check out some of those. First thing as with any plot- GET A SOIL TEST. this will save you money and time.
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I don't have any experience planting near any pines, but I agree about getting a soil test, and then you might have an idea on what would be good to plant. We do have a lot of cedars on our farm though. Some plants can tolerate lower ph's much better than others. Logging roads, old trails, or open sections in the woods can be good for a no-till route, as long as you get the soil right. If you're on a budget like me, atleast some lime is better than no lime. Good luck, have fun
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You will need some sun to grow anything, so I would start with a chain saw
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hard to grow under pines because of the "mist" of pine oil they shell out, try the road, the center and the sides of the road if ya "have to" drive down it.no road, no open space... forget the plot, start some mineral beds , big pans with minerals and sand in em and bait with corn so they will find em. salt licks work good, move em round after every rain if ya can, i moved 1 from a spot 3 years ago and they still tear it up!

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Probably Whitetail Institute Clover, Alfa-rack, or extreme. Call the Whitetail institute or e-mail them and they can give you the information that you need.
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pines typically grow in low Ph areas, as do cedars. check your Ph. I think iron clay peas will grow in a 5.0 ph, but there may be others. keep this saying in mind: The Antlers are in the soil.
If you are hunting pines, are they mature, mixed, all young? you may be better off hunting that area as a bedding area, as opposed to trying to make it a food plot.

The chansaw is your friend! if you own the property let some light in there, and lime to a neutral Ph. 6.5-7.0. if you do that and let light in natural native plants will spring up.

Go through the posts and answer some of our questions, and we can help you more.
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