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I'm I Doing The Right Thing?

Old 12-19-2005, 07:37 PM
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Default I'm I Doing The Right Thing?

Hello Everyone. Guess what I need right now is your advice and reassurance I'm doing the right thing. I'm a fairly new land owner of 90 acres going on three years now. I was introduced to hunting last year at age 39 (late hunting bloomer) and this year I had a pretty successful time in the field hunting both Turkey and Deer. My family and I enjoy watching the wildlife and I want to try and increase the amont of deer and turkey that might visit the land. We are going to build a summer home here and going to place two 10 foot Tower Blinds to observe from. We truly enjoy the great outdoors, hiking, atv and just the daily nature walks seeing all types of animals! Sure, I like to hunt now, but thats only a small part of the reason I'm doing this. More so for the wife and kids and there exsposure to the wildlife and mine truth be told.
I've read that I should plant 5-10% of the land in food plots. 40 acres is all woods the rest is meadows that was once farm land. Have nice deer traveled tree lined funnels that seperate three meadows.

So this is my plan.
1. Subscribe to Quality Whitetails Magazine.
2. Obtain Neil Dougherty "Grow'em Right" book, X-Mas gift from Wife.
3. Plant 4 acre main food plot of Biologic Premium Perennial (Clover & Brassica)
4. Plant 2 acres in Biologic new Seed Blend of "BioMaxx" (Corn & Bean Blend)
5. Plant 2 acres in Whitetail Insitute Power Plant (Sorghum,Sunflower,Beans & Peas)
6. Plant .75 acre in Whitetail Insitute Imperial Clover
7. Plant .75 Plotspike Chufas-Gotta think of the Turkey's too!

Any suggestions, advice would help.

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Old 12-19-2005, 07:54 PM
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Default RE: I'm I Doing The Right Thing?

GR8Rally - where is your property located. Knowing the general area allows for better advice.
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Default RE: I'm I Doing The Right Thing?

Sounds like a plan! The number 1 & 2 things are very valuable information to strart with. Also, don't forget the sanctuaries, cover, natural vegetation, and trees. All of this wil be explained in Neil's book. Let us know how it works out. Good Luck!
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Default RE: I'm I Doing The Right Thing?

Charlieb, its Upstate New York. I Choose Neil Dougherty's book because he's only a few Counties away from where I am, and has great success usingBiologic. Hopefully I can go to one of his "Open House" tours of his 500 Acre Property.

Criggster, will keep everyone posted, might be a few months before I see results etc. I do plan on "Fertilizing" the natural vegatetion in the area since I've read deer like to browse on different forage. I have apples trees on the property (hope to plantmore myself next year), strawberry and blackberry patches as well as a few cherry trees.

The Whitetail Imperial Clover plot was planted this year in August, but due to the fact there was no rain for "5" freak'in weeks, it didn't take well. The grasses are taking over, so will need to spray with roundup in the spring.
Question: Will the clover grow in the spring, even though it didn't grow in the fall or do I need to replant?? Should I broadcast new seeds in the spring? I read I could, guess its seeding while there is a little snow on the ground and when it melts it will germanate and grow.

I'm sure Neils book and QDM Magazine will help me in my choices, but I read so much I confuse myself.

I'm Taking notes!

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Old 12-20-2005, 12:47 PM
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Default RE: I'm I Doing The Right Thing?

Sounds like a great starter plan, variety of food and locations.

How will you plant the Biomaxx?
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Default RE: I'm I Doing The Right Thing?

Hello yeoman, I need to research if I can just broadcast the seeds or if I need the local farmer to plant the seed with his machinery. Good question, never thought of it till you mentioned it, but I'm sure the Jim (Farmer) would have mentioned something to me about it when he and I survey the area to prep the plowing.

Does anyone know? You know, how to plant the corn, do i need a special machine or can I just brodcast?

I know BioMaxx is not available to Feb. 06, so have time to research.
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Default RE: I'm I Doing The Right Thing?


Welcome aboard.

Congats on your new endeavor - it will a life experience I gaurantee you.

Your plan sounds really well thought out - and plausible. My word of advice is to prepare yourself for the chance that your efforts can fail. At times they will - and you will learn from those experiences.
Study in the Winter months - and soak in what you learn.

Planting your own property can be very rewarding and frustrating at the same time.

Don't get hung up on the latest "Seed Mix" - Biologic might be a GREAT choice for you - but a good white clover from the Co-Op in DeRuyter might do just as well or better. Sometimes its more important what you do at planting time - than what you plant.

As far as corn goes - you really need to plow, plant, fertilize,spray and get hot temps in Julywith moderate rain for it to do well enough. Broadcasting doesn't work well with corn in most cases.

Don't try to do too much at once. - and concentrate on something you do well and expand on it. Im my case it was clover plantings when I started .

Good luck & post back.


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Default RE: I'm I Doing The Right Thing?

Good luck with the Biologic. Lots of mixed results from the people I know that have tried it, most it negative. We couldn't get the deer to eat the stuff. I agree with farm hunter, try small patches and go with what the best results are for the next year.
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Default RE: I'm I Doing The Right Thing?

good luck, if you are having trouble with weeds taking over your clover, try using 'Arrest' or 'Slay' from the Whitetail Institute. These kill the weeds without harming your food plot vegetation. I didn't believe it until I tried it, man does that stuff work. It's a lot easier than killing everything with RoundUp and then re-planting
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Default RE: I'm I Doing The Right Thing?

I wouldn'toverlookjust plain old winterwheatfor thefall. It's cheap and itgives themsomething to eat onlateandearly the next yearwhen it's all brown everywhere else. I've had better sucess with it then most everything elso on our farm's. Just a thought.
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