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Deer Feeder Recipe

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Default Deer Feeder Recipe

This weekend I'm setting up a deer feeder next to my parents house, so they can watch the deer(and will help the hunting). I've never used feeders before, but i'm planning on picking up some bags of corn and a bag or two of alfalfa pellets, from the coop. I thought I'd mix them together. The feeder will hold 225 lbs. Any other suggestions beside these 2, which you've had good success with? Thanks
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Default RE: Deer Feeder Recipe

Ks, I add 25lbs of sweet feed(horse feed)to the mixture.
It's oats with molasses. Deer love it.
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Default RE: Deer Feeder Recipe

I only use corn and have for the last 15 years. the only thing with mixing other things with the corn, is moisture and molasses in the feeds.it sometimes sticks it all together, and want come out of the feeder.
the deer will come to the corn , just as good alone as with other things added.thats what I have found.they do make dry mixes that you can pour into the feeder to add smell to it. it comes in peanut,peanutbutter,and soy.I couldn't tell any difference when I add it or when I didn't.

you could get the molasses and pour it on a stump or in a container.a friend that lives next to the state park has a feeder made like a box,they pour corn and horse feed into it each day. they have 15 or 20 deer at a time around it.
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Default RE: Deer Feeder Recipe

I have a feeder in my backyard for the family to sit and watch the deer also,, Just corn ll work fine, if you want to make it smell for better attractant heres a trick I use......ITS CHEAP!!! After lilling the feeder with corn, I dump two 30 cent packages of cherry jeelo mix, it will filter its way to the bottom as the feeder feeds daily, every time it feeds it will smell like cherry jello...HOGS LOVE IT also.....
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Default RE: Deer Feeder Recipe

We've used other feeds but now just use shelled corn, not cracked corn. The deer do not need anything else to attract them once they find the corn. When we throw some out in the yard they come running like it is candy.

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Default RE: Deer Feeder Recipe

I use just plain shelled corn.
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Default RE: Deer Feeder Recipe

Actually corn is best in late summer through winter as a carbohydrate fat builderbut a mix of 50/50 corn and soybeans in spring and summer will help feed the deer valuable extra protein. If you want to instantly attract deer just spread a bit of molasses on the brush nearby then they'll go for the corn from then on.
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Default RE: Deer Feeder Recipe

Never tried it, but a friend of mine uses a bag of Buck Grub poured in with the shelled corn.
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Default RE: Deer Feeder Recipe

we just use cracked corn, works fine, no mixing, deer love it
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Default RE: Deer Feeder Recipe

Plain corn seems to work just as well as anything for me!
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Quick Reply: Deer Feeder Recipe

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