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any traditions??

Old 04-17-2005, 04:06 PM
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Default any traditions??

i was just wondering if any one has any traditions during the season. every season in deer camp my family makes sausage and gravy and biscuits, and we make corn meal mush(dont know if thats wut its really called) too. thats just something we do every year and does any one else have any traditions?
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Default RE: any traditions??

Dont we ALL have traditions in Deer camp?? Here are a few of ours. First deer you shoot, the gut job is on us - to learn and show how to do it right (We play it up alot, and you still have to hold the legs..) You shoot another one and the job is yours. I personally feel this is where a deer hunter is made. ANyone can pull a trigger...but true happiness is a self realized, large, steaming gut pile. New hunters always get the best stand/spot and get to post continually on drives till successful. As a long time hunter I feel it our DUTY to get others involved and excited about what we do. Night before opening day we usually try to get em as hammered as possible (within legal reason...) So that the next day in the woods is a true healing experience. Lastly, if we ever are able to sneak up on a hunting buddy fast asleep in the woods we usually unload his gun.
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Default RE: any traditions??

If you shoot and miss a deer.....Your shirt gets ripped to shreds and a piece gets hung in the club house with your name and date.
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Default RE: any traditions??

Just Munundo Izees hasomia naraganga isheml
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Default RE: any traditions??


If you shoot and miss a deer.....Your shirt gets ripped to shreds and a piece gets hung in the club house with your name and date.

we used to do that but some guys had to refinance their house to buy more hunting clothes so we stopped. As far as the first deer you shoot for the young hunters we only have 1 tradition but it's more like a joke. Normally we split the pelvic bone to get everything out but if it's your first deer and you don't know any better we have a slightly different technique. We tell them to take their middle finger, insert up to their second knuckle and then just cut around it. They look at us a little funny at first but always end up doing it. We still have laughs thinking back at our first time.
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Default RE: any traditions??

I got one thats pretty weird..lol. Everytime I kill a deer the celebration meal is a fudge round and a bottle of oj. Theres a ton of others but that is probably the funniest.
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Default RE: any traditions??

The first guy to tag out is forced to stay in camp and cook a 3-course meal of his choosing for a lunchtime feast and hand-deliver it out to the hunters with napkins and spoons in To-Go containers.

We usually meet our cook somewhere via walkie-talkie. Last year was Spaghetti & Meatballs with Butterbread.

The year before was my special Chili with Rice and Buttered Italian Bread.

Meals served with bottled H20, Pepsi or Mt. Dew. YUM

First guy to get a deer to camp wins a nice cash pot as well.

Man, I can't even begin to tell ya how nice it is to see some guy come hoofing it up the mountain with a big cooler full of bloody hot food. Makes me hungry.
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Default RE: any traditions??

Hand deliver it out into the woods.....That's a tradition I think I'll introduce at camp this year. I know of a deer camp (hunt club) in Virginia that has a bucks only policy. 1st buck is yours. If the 2nd buck that you shoot's rack fits in a pickle bucket it costs you $100. 3rd one costs $500...4th one costs you a cool grand to the club. Needless to say everyone gets the meat from the 1st one and some real monsters are taken on succeding shots. I've been told of guys losing over $2,000 in one day when the dogs were running them good.....
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Default RE: any traditions??

No real traditions, other than I go to my grandmother's on Thanksgiving and Christmas day. After lunch and a little R & R, my uncle and I drive out all the ranch roads and give everything a once over with the field glasses.
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Default RE: any traditions??

One is that when ever a buck is killed that night before dinner we have a toast to the Wily Buck!
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Quick Reply: any traditions??

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