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Default RE: Albino Deer?

Most of your Albino, White and Piebalds are going to be a bit smaller then a regular size deer.

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Default RE: Albino Deer?

ive only seen 1 mixed colored deer a plebald i guess white with brown mixed..in FRANKLIN COUNTY believe me that deer wont last long way to many hunters there...i too think the PURE ALBINO deer should be protected....

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Default RE: Albino Deer?

my friend shot a true albino (pink eyes and all)6 pointer!
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Default RE: Albino Deer?

I may be wrong, but as I understand it, here hunters are spouse to shoot both albino and piebald on site. Iíve seen pics of 2 piebald harvested and my brother shot one last year. They were small and sickly looking and in the case of the buck its rack was malformed. I think our DNR wants them out of the gene pool.
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Default RE: Albino Deer?

Yeah, you SHOULD shoot an albino or piebald on site. They are FREAKS! They are a very bad part of the genetics. Come on people, have you ever heard about the kid who shot a huge 10 point buck that was albino. A woman sued him because "it was her reincarnated husband" the judge threw it out because it was "a joke". An albino is JUST a deer. You can't eat that hide. Most people just toss it out.

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P.S. Only Chuck Adams can sit at home and see deer so get into the woods. =;^)
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Default RE: Albino Deer?

After 32 years of hunting, saw TWO different albinos this year. A small 7 point and a yearling doe. Funny thing about the doe , she was with her mother and another yearling that was normal color, probably twins. The deer were not sickly looking, about normal size for the age. No one shot/checked either one this year. Could have killed either one this year but did not know regulations on them. Looking forward to next year.
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Default RE: Albino Deer?

my dad saw one about 5 years ago but i too think that here in Texas, we can shoot them year rouind if we see one. i think i read that they are genetically inferior also. they get the same rap as spikes around here.

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Default RE: Albino Deer?

I have not seen a albino deer, but yes there can be albino deer. Any thing can be an albino, with the exception of a few organisms. Albino is just a genetic mutation that does not allow the organism to produce melanine or any other pigments.

I do have some really cool colored deer that frequent my land. They are all bucks that are too small to shoot yet, and they have a real light wheat colored coat. Im curious what they are going to look like in a year or two.
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Default RE: Albino Deer?

I have seen one white buck. It was a blacktail in northern California. It spent the entire summer on a hill overlooking town. Never did hear what happened to it.
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Default RE: Albino Deer?

albinos have pink noses and eyes ive heard....and i think that deer with black on them are also caleld piebalds im not for sure on that though
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