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30-30 Lmao

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Default 30-30 Lmao

Some old fool at the local range was telling me a 30-30 is better for deer than a .243 what do all you people think.
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Default RE: 30-30 Lmao

I know that you will get some flak over this, but I'll take the .243 with good 100gr. hunting bullets, any day of the week!
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Default RE: 30-30 Lmao

30-30 has better penetration and would probably perform better with a poor shot or one that had to penetrate the shoulder or an odd angle. The 243 is better for longer range shots and drops them better than a 30-30 if a rib shot is made.
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Default RE: 30-30 Lmao

I don't really have any hard evidence on which to base this fantastic claim, but I'd venture to guess that the 30-30 Win. has killed more deer than just about any other cartridge.

There's absolutely nothing wrong wth 30-30 as a deer hunting gun. There are many a hunter who harvested his first deer with a Marlin or 1894 in that chamber.

I'd take a 30-30 over a .243 for deer, in the Win. model 1894 based on the history of that gun alone.

A .243 might have an edge at long range, but in tight quarters or thickets, a 30-30 would perform markedly better.

I don't even own a 30-30, if that's what you're thinking. (I have a .32 w.s. lever action circa-1945 that has had no problem taking down whitetails)
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Default RE: 30-30 Lmao

I'd take the 30-30 any day
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Default RE: 30-30 Lmao

I have bagged more deer with the 30-30 without having to chase or track them. I do respect its range however. 200 yards is about max and then only with a good scope. What the 30-30 lacks in speed to the 243, it makes up for with bullet weight. IMO. I consider both about a 200 yard max deer gun. They would be easier to hit at long range with the 243. But I have seen many run away at that range.
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Default RE: 30-30 Lmao

cany hunt with rifles in ohio so i dont know. my pick would be my trusty 12 gauge
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Default RE: 30-30 Lmao

A lot of us old fools have shot a lot of deer with the old 30-30. Up here in MI, the 30-30 still works pretty good....... If I am carrying my old 30-30, and a deer shows himself within 100yds, he better be scared.


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Default RE: 30-30 Lmao

In NH, where I lived for 37 years, a 30/30 was the ideal deer gun. The vast majority of shots were less than 75 yds, and many under 50 yds, in pretty thick cover. Under these conditions you're better off with a 30/30.

In open land where you'll regularly shoot over 100 yds, the 243 is better, but the 30/30 is plenty good to 150.
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Default RE: 30-30 Lmao

ORIGINAL: leftmehangin

Some old fool at the local range was telling me a 30-30 is better for deer than a .243 what do all you people think.
I'd say the old fool knows more than the young fool he was talking to.
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Quick Reply: 30-30 Lmao

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