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Pure Luck or Skill

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Default Pure Luck or Skill


Any of you out there believe hunting is a luck sport or skill? I believe it is luck. My friend just started hunting. He has got nothing on the other hand my other friend that he hunts with has got 3 deer this season. He got one buck and two does(keep in mind someone signed over their doe permit to him.) They hunt in the same place. One morning my friend the beginner was going to go but did not. On the other hand the place that he was going to sit the guy that he usually goes with got a the third deer that day in the exact same spot the beginner was suppose to sit tell me that is weird.
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Default RE: Pure Luck or Skill

Luck can play a part on any single instance. But continuous success year after year, is not luck.
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Default RE: Pure Luck or Skill

skill is all of it. for the most part.
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Default RE: Pure Luck or Skill

can play a part on any single instance. But continuous success year after year, is not luck
I think that hunting is most comparable to Poker. Yes, you do get lucky even if you suck at the game. but the ability to play what you have with you and read deer and or other species which will give you that continued success.
its skill dealing with not only the shooting aspect, but the tracking, playing the conditions and wind, finding a good place to put your stand, luring, calling, there is a ton of skill involved. But luck still plays part of it.
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Default RE: Pure Luck or Skill

There has got to be some luck involved but yea for the most part its skill i think.
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Default RE: Pure Luck or Skill

Hmmm, I think the more you play, the better you get. The more you know, the more you see, the more you see, the more your learn. You put it all together, and you have just changed the odds in your favor. My hunting buddies call me lucky, lol. Just because I have kept , what we call the Belt, ( Deer Belt) for the last several years for taking the most, and biggest. My luck changed when I closed my mouth, and opened my ears and eyes. Now I pick the time and the place, the deer don't just come to me,lol. I wish, but I put my self in the right place, at the right time. It's not luck, if you know your there for a reason.
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Default RE: Pure Luck or Skill

Anyone can get lucky now and then,but when a hunter is continually taking big bucks outside of a highfence operation,he usually has some skill going for him.
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Default RE: Pure Luck or Skill

does the ugly green monster have ahold of you
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Default RE: Pure Luck or Skill

i believe it luck combined with skill
in the past 2 years i've shot 2 deer my uncle who hunts in the same are hasn't shot anything since probaly before i was born (its been so long i cant remember) and my friend on the other hand has shot 6 deer in the past 2 years but he lives in northen minnesota
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Default RE: Pure Luck or Skill

It sure isn't all luck but it sure does help to have some. For instance I've killed my 4 deer which I can use in a 1 year period. The next deer if it happens will go on the wall. We don't have as good of hunting as most of you on here but I could easily kill between 10 and 15 deer every year if I wanted which I would consider none of them luck. I spend every free monent either trying to outfigure the deer at home or sitting on a stand. On the luck subject I have a high school buddy who hasn't hunted in 20 years beg me to take him hunting. So on Christmas Eve I give in and let him borrow my gun, my clothes all the way down to my socks. He wants to hunt a box stand so he can bring a heater but I talk him into hunting a stand on the opposite side of a clearcut from me. Well yall can probally finish the story from here, not 1/2 into daylight he shoots what turns out to be bigger than any buck I have ever shot in my life. Yes that was luck on his part, but if it would have been me on that stand it would have been cafeful planning. Although you can have the best stand in the world it still takes you being at the right place at the right time, and the more time you spend in the woods just increases your chances.
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