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Old 12-08-2004, 07:19 PM
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Default Strange

While deer hunting in zone 8 in NJ today I saw a doe with a red bandanna around it's neck!?!?!?? I was a bit confused about what I was looking at and I didn't believe my eyes at first! After wiping my eyes a few times I was sure of what I saw! Have any of you ever come across something like this?
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Default RE: Strange

it's someones pet. i had a 4 pointer in velvet last turkey season with a red vest on folow me all around. he ate half my snickers bar, and wanted to get in my jeep with me. totally tame, i just hope no one whacked him........
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Default RE: Strange

Yes. Except I was not under the influence. J/K

A few people around here have found fawns around their houses through the years and raised them as pets. It's illegal to confine them as pets, but there's no problem if the deer is free ranging. I'll bet this deer was the same way, and someone didn't want it shot.
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Default RE: Strange

I would have let it follow me the whole way to the butcher shop... just kidding.
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Default RE: Strange

That would have made a fine target at which to shoot....
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Default RE: Strange

i think ur smokin too much of that whacky tobaccy
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Default RE: Strange

A buddy of mine shot a spike about twenty years ago at about 200 yards. He walks up and to his surprise there was a bell tied around the deers neck. He felt bad about shooting a pet, but the distance obscured the bambi's protection. The guilt factor was there, but he tasted the same as a deer sans bell!
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Default RE: Strange

I have heard of the anti hunters putting orange on deer so they wouldn,t get shot. I forget where they did this but the whole damn heard got soht up because of their plain view. Kind of back fired on them.
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Default RE: Strange

Yea I not only have heard of it I have seen it first hand. The lady down the road had a real nice 8 pt that she had raised as a pet. It wore a bright orange collar around its neck. Well this year the buck got loose around the rut and has been seen in several back yards here and even chased one lady in the house. I saw him in the neighbors backyard. Made me do a double take too. I hope the lady finds her deer before some yahoo shoots it.[&:] This is her sons pet.

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Default RE: Strange

A biker chick deer
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