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My First Buck.....

Old 12-08-2004, 01:16 AM
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Default My First Buck.....

Well I finally got one and now know what buck fever feels like....... I shot this 7 pointer at 7:40am on opening day of rifle season in sullivan county new york(3h). I know it aint a big seven pointer but It is still a buck and I am proud of it. I have shot a couple of does and now my first buck. Hopefully more to come. I have set the standard on my property now that all my fathers friends,father,my brother in law and myself have aggreed on. We will now only take 6 pointers or higher and if you shoot anything less you have to put $150.00 towards the taxes on my land. They dont like it too much but I now want bigger than a seven pointer. Its not that im only there for the head but I know there are and could be more bigger deer. My brother in law last year shot a big 8 pointer and 2 of my fathers friends shot decent 10 pointers so I know they are there and I want to give the younger deer a chance to get bigger. Anyone think this is too harsh?

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Default RE: My First Buck.....

Great looking buck! Congrats!
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Default RE: My First Buck.....

that is the way to get bigger deer.as long as you own the land and can control it.managment and food along with genitics are the main things to get then bigget.sounds like you have a start.

Congrats. on the first buck.the trophy is all in the mind of the hunter,some it is a doe,some a 150 class 10pt.the 7 you have looks mighty good to me.
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Default RE: My First Buck.....

congrats on your first
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Default RE: My First Buck.....

NY, I don't think you're being to harsh on your QDM requirements. I have a friend aho does the same thing at their land/camp. They use the 8 point beyond the ears rule for the racks, if you shoot one smaller than that, $300 goes into a pot for next season and the guy who shoots the biggest buck the next year gets a portion of that money. They are consistently taking 10 to 12 point bucks out of their land now.
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Default RE: My First Buck.....

Good first buck!!! Good luck in the future!!
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Default RE: My First Buck.....

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Default RE: My First Buck.....

1st: way to go on the buck! My first was similar and I was equally as excited

2nd: I don't think that you are being too harsh at all. How do you think all of those big bucks come to be? They aren't shot when they are 2-4 years old. They make it to be older and larger. If anyone who you let (let being the operative word) hunt on your property has a problem with your rules, tell them that I'll gladly pay the $150 up fron to hunt on it and they can take a hike. Then see how quickly they see things your way. I'd seriously consider passing on the 6pts as well and only go for 8pt and up. Either way, best of luck to you. (P.S.: I'm serious about the $150)
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Default RE: My First Buck.....

nice 1st buck congrats on that heck my 1st buck was last year a 8 point pa mountian buck and the bone on its head was so dark it looked like a spike and now we have them antler restrictions and i wasnt sure to shot it till it got 10 yards away when i was on the ground and if i wouldnt of made eye contact it wouldnt of seen me,godo thing the ol trusty 243 was ready and waiting ill have to post my 8 point it had a 11 inch spread on it and it looked like a elks rack how dark it was till u got to the tips of the tines. Its great to see male and female hunters out there takeing bucks and not just going for mass and size of the bucks.ill get my pics loaded for everyone on the sight to see then maybe if i can find my pics of my bear ill post them .well time to go to the woods and sit there and see nothing in the great pa woods haha have a great day PeAcE
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Default RE: My First Buck.....

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Quick Reply: My First Buck.....

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