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Default Oklahoma deer (pics)

First off, I will start with my deer. I shot him opening morning and wish I wouldn't have. I sat all day long seeing several young bucks and a lot of does. It was getting late and I decided to scan the tree line through my scope one last time before I called it a day. As I was scanning the tree line I spotted a doe, then right behind her was a buck. I saw he had a decent rack, but couldn't get a good look before he went behind some plumb thickets. I waited a few minutes and I suddenly saw him jump the fence into my plot. It was cloudy and misting all day so it was darker than usual by this time. I could just make an outline of the deer with the naked eye. He was pushing does all over my plot in front of me. I was trying to get a good look at his rack through my scope, but couldn't quite tell what he was for sure. I saw he had a big neck and was larger than all the other deer in my plot. He finally got about 80 yards and I saw a glimpse of his horns against a tree line in the background. What I thought I saw was a 10 point frame that was wide and good mass. Huh, ends up I let my adrenaline and excitement get the best of me. I put the crosshairs on him and shot. Perfect shot, dropped him where he stood. When I walked up to him I was very disappointed to say the least. I know some people would be happy with a deer like this, but he is not the caliber of deer I am after, and for a 2 1/2 year old he was a dandy. He sure would have been a good one in a copuple years. Anyway, here he is.

This deer is one that my 12 year old brother shot the following day 300 yards from where I shot mine. He went out that morning and shot a doe about 8:30am. Him and my dad field dressed it and went and checked it in. After they got done messing with the doe, they went right bask out to the stand as quick as they could. I believe they got back out in the stand at about 12:45pm. They packed their lunch and ate a quick lunch. At 1:30pm this buck walks down the funnel area that is in front of their blind. He stops at the same bait pile the doe did earlier that day. (baiting is legal in Oklahoma) He shot the buck in the same exact spot, 130 yards, as he shot the doe that morning. He dropped them both and they would have beeen laying on top of each other. He has shot at 3 deer (1 doe, 2 bucks) and has dropped all three. The little guy can shoot, not to mention he is also lucky. His first buck was 2 years ago and it was a 120" 8 pointer. Anyway, this buck wasn't as good as his first, but he was proud of it.

Finally, to my dad. He shot this deer at 2:30pm on the Tuesday before thanksgiving. This is his biggest buck to date. This was the only deer h saw all day except for two little fawns at daybreak. He came down the same funnel area my brother's deer did and stopped for a perfect broadside shot. He dropped him and it was all over from there. We had a decent rifle season on our place just wish I would have let the deer I shot walk. Oh well, you live and learn from your mistakes. I will definately never make that mistake again.

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Default RE: Oklahoma deer (pics)

Congrats on your whitey cant always get a big one . Nice job to your bro he did great tell him congrats.

later , hunter cameron
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Default RE: Oklahoma deer (pics)

nice deer, and nice pics
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Default RE: Oklahoma deer (pics)

Nice bucks!
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Default RE: Oklahoma deer (pics)

Trent, I've killed 4 deer (I didn't really start gettin' them until I came to college), 3 of which were bucks and none of which were anything like yours. I guess my places to hunt just aren't yielding that kind of deer, because I put in the time, hours and hours each season between the three methods. Back in muzzleloader I killed a buck that weighed 128 lbs and I was happy to get him. It's good to here that someone in OK is getting some nice deer. As for me, I guess I have a few days left of rifle to try to put a tag on one. Every night this week, I've been out and seen nothing but does, and I'm hunting a good spot, too. I'm going out here in about an hour to see if I can get one. By the way, Kristen Reeves was just here a second ago (she works at our BCM on campus) and she said to tell you "hi." I still haven't seen your buddy, but I'll keep lookin. -MIKE
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Default RE: Oklahoma deer (pics)

All are very nice bucks, congratulations.
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Default RE: Oklahoma deer (pics)

Those are some good bucks. Congratulations and thanks for sharing.
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Default RE: Oklahoma deer (pics)

Nice ones.
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Default RE: Oklahoma deer (pics)

Congrates everyone
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Default RE: Oklahoma deer (pics)

I wouldn't be sorry to get that deer!!! Good Job!!
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