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Propane Heater

Old 12-02-2004, 11:29 AM
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Default Propane Heater

Alright, this might be a REALLY stupid question, but it was something I was thinking about the other weekend when I was hunting in my father-in-law's stand. They hunt on private land, so they all hunt in permanent stands (like the little tree fort type). Anyway, he was telling me the night before that it's got a small propane heater that I can light if I got too cold. I know that a lot of people use these in deer stands, but propane isn't scentless. Do you guys think that using a propane heater could deter or spook deer? Just thought I'd ask.
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Default RE: Propane Heater

I don't know... I have wondered about this myself, but I look at it this way, as we all know, there are plenty of times deer and even big bucks come up into people's yards, many people use propane to heat their houses, so IMO, it doesn't make much difference.
As I stated in a different thread, my future father in law has a heater in his blind, and he has deer around him all of the time, now granted, he has never had a monster buck by his blind (that he knows of, I'm sure they have been there!)... but, he has does all over the place and smaller bucks around, so who knows, I would think that it isn't a scent they associate with danger.
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Default RE: Propane Heater

Unless you have a propane line going underground in the area you hunt with a small leak that you can smell in the woods than I would have to say it can do nothing but deter the deer. Granted they may or may not associate it with a danger smell, but nonetheless it is a foreign smell that can only be counterprodutive if anything IMO. I'm sure there are a lot of stories about deer coming right around people with heaters in their stands, but how many(or bigger) would there be without?
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Default RE: Propane Heater

we've used the small Mr heaters in our tower stands for 10 years. he stands are 15' high and surrounded by carpet, but don't have any roofs on. Personally, I've never seen a deer spooked from using the heaters. It's very common for us to have deer within 20 yds of the stands without any issues. Taz
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Default RE: Propane Heater

They smell you, they smell the heat..........whats the difference. I use them during muzzeloader, and shotgun with my son to keep us warm, they can smell us all they want but if they are in range its already too late for them
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Default RE: Propane Heater

I have personally used heaters for about 12 years. I have had no problems with any scent. Everyone I hunt with uses them also.

I am located in tx, so most everyone has a blind of some sort. I personally use two or three at a time. Call me what you want, but I will not get cold. HA HA

You may get busted on the nice red or orange glow when it is dark, but I wouldnt worry too much about that either.

Technology is GREAT !!!!
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Default RE: Propane Heater

Damn, does it get cold in Texas?
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Default RE: Propane Heater

Not really. I hunted opening weekend in cutoffs and a t-shirt. The next weekend I had the heater going in my stand, go figure. Last week I wore a light jacket. Deer do smell the propane heaters, but they don't freak out, just a different smell. More curious about it than anything. The noise they make is more of a factor than smell on still days.
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Default RE: Propane Heater

The problem I have is with the Mr. heater is the noise. It always seems to me that the roar can be heard from a long ways away. Now that I have read about others using them maybe I'll keep mine on for more than a few minutes.

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