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any of you hunt coyotes??

Old 12-01-2004, 03:13 PM
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Default any of you hunt coyotes??

After deer season, I thought I would climp my stand and try calling in a coyote or two. Liberal hunting times for coyote,anytime any weapon.

Rabbit calls seem to be popular, but rabbits are scarce around here. Would a coyote come the sound of a wounded rabbit, if he may not have ever heard one? What other calls would work and would you recomend a recorded call.
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Default RE: any of you hunt coyotes??

I figure the coyotes will come to a rabbit call, even if rabbts are scarce in the area. They will also come other calls, such as fawn bleats and coyote pup in distress. An electronic caller would work great, or even just a regular radio with a CD or cassette player. Set your player down in a bush or something near the stand, so that the coyote's focus won't be directly on the stand.
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Default RE: any of you hunt coyotes??

i'm tryed too hunt coyote's. key word is try they are smart little guys and don't give up try bateing wit ha dead rabbit or any animal and hang it from a tree so it's off the ground so they can get to it but not enoff to take it away or try tieing a chicken to a tree they will also come to turkey's i had one come within 10 feet of my turkey decoys i was useing turkey call's as well
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Default RE: any of you hunt coyotes??

I think you'd do fine using a rabbit squealer --- instict will make the yotes come in. We've always had better luck at night, but check your local game laws to make sure that's legal.
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Default RE: any of you hunt coyotes??

Just curious what would you do with a coyote?I've thought about it as well because the season is never closed but I wondered what a coyote is good for if you got one?Do they have good meat,is it just to get rid of some them from your prooperty,or is their some other reason?
Thanks in advance,
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Default RE: any of you hunt coyotes??

I went out today for a while and saw two coyotes in about 1 hours, without even calling. Basically I wanted to get an idea as to where they are at because I want to go out in the morning early sit, and call. I think that the yote's natural instinct would bring him into a rabbit call no matter what.
Wantbuck- the main reason for coyote hunting is to bring down the predation on other animals such as rabbits, small deer, etc.
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Default RE: any of you hunt coyotes??

beep beep....
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Default RE: any of you hunt coyotes??

good question charlie! I want to try it up here in MA as well. Is a .22LR suitable? And also i would want to keep the hides, but are they difficult to skin and tan the hides?

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Default RE: any of you hunt coyotes??

i dont believe you would eat those varmints, tanned hides are really nice if its a pretty coyote. other than that just kill them to get rid of them. a boy i hunt with shot a nice 11pt during the youth gun hunt in ohio a few weekends back and didnt find him until morning. coyotes tore the hell out of that buck before morning. only thing we could do is check it in and cut the head off to get mounted for him. he will have to get another cape to get mounted as well, they tore the nose off the deer too. so rule of thumb where i hunt, any coyote in range of a slug gets a slug unless of course there are deer around you.
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Default RE: any of you hunt coyotes??

I do a lot aof coyote hunting in the winter. First I hunt to help control the pop. in my area. Second, When I get one I take it to a fur trader and usually get between 10 and 30 dollars for it. Coyotes are incredibly hard animals to hunt. I usually set up on a grass/crp field and call with a rabbit squall. These animals know whats up if you make one little mistake. You have to watch your scent control like your deer hunting. Also you can't move at all like turkey hunting. I use a 223 on the animals. These animals are tough.
good luck. The first time one runs into a call you'll be hooked.
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Quick Reply: any of you hunt coyotes??

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