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The scent of Vanilla

Old 11-18-2004, 06:51 PM
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Default The scent of Vanilla

I have read that the scent of vanilla will attract deer. Does anyone know if there is any truth to this?
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Default RE: The scent of Vanilla

i had a post about this earlier in the summer but i just tried looking it up and cant find it and the ansers i got where YES some use it as an attcant and some as a cover scent but all said yes

the posst got 3-4 pages or replies

I think this is the thread you are talking about

scent thread click here
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Old 11-19-2004, 04:39 AM
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Default RE: The scent of Vanilla

It mainly attracts does and younger bucks because the smell resembles the scent of White Oak acorns .
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Default RE: The scent of Vanilla

I gave it a shot one season and I can't say that it worked. However, that could be because I hunt in a dead area. I remember someone posted something about this last season and the responses were mixed. All I can really say is to give it a try and make your own judgement.
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Default RE: The scent of Vanilla

I don't know if it works but it is the main ingredient in a scent sold by Dan Fitzgerald called Vanilla Killa. Never tried it. Let me know how it does.
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Old 11-19-2004, 09:52 AM
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Default RE: The scent of Vanilla

Rd, I dabbled with it last year alittle bit and it did well enough to try again this year. this year it's been fantastic for me. The 5 does I've taken this year, all had their head down licking the spot that I sprayed it where I wanted them to stop. I have not brought any bucks in yet with it though, but during rut, come the does, comes the bucks Taz
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Default RE: The scent of Vanilla

A lot of replys here

click here
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Default RE: The scent of Vanilla

I had french vanilla cappuccino (instant) in my thermos last weekened, and a small buck walked with in 20 yards, and then a little doe was so close I could have tripped her.(I was using a ground blind) Just thought I got lucky,but maybe they wanted to share my thermos with me. I had no clue about the vanilla, but maybe there is something to it.
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Default RE: The scent of Vanilla

I haven't tried vanilla extract, but have tried peanut butter and that works. I believe it is the sweet smell that attracts deer, not necessarily the product. Sweet feed for horses also attract deer because it has syrup in it. Deer also love corn soaked in apple cider and they love apples and sugar beets, carrots, etc... Good Hunting!
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Default RE: The scent of Vanilla

I've used pure Vanilla for years as a cover and/or curiousity scent. I pour the Vanilla in wicked scent bottles and hang about 30-50 yrds from stand. 4-5 yrs ago had a doe rise up to tree branch where I'd hung it. That's the last thing she ever did. This year had a large spike come out of woods and scent the air at exact location where I had hung a bottle. I'm sure it was the Vanilla. I let him walk. I hung out 4 bottles this year around my more active stands. I hung out a bottle about a month ago 5ft from ground. 3 days later it completely disappeared. It was not a hunter. I assume it was a fox,coon,deer or maybe a tree rat carried it away?? Very Strange.
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Quick Reply: The scent of Vanilla

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