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near fatal hunting accident

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Default RE: near fatal hunting accident

Man, that's terrible. I'm sorry to hear about that, and I'll keep him in my prayers. You'd like to think that it was an accident, but I don't see how that would be possible.
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Default RE: near fatal hunting accident

I hope they arrest that jackbutt
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Default RE: near fatal hunting accident

I just assumed it was a crossbow.
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Default RE: near fatal hunting accident

WTF was this guy doing aiming a bow at anyone. My prayers are for your cousin, but someone needs to do a serious butt woopen on the other joker.[:@][:'(]
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Default RE: near fatal hunting accident

Here' a link to the Milwaukee sentinel.
Milwaukee Journal

Something isnt adding up between the 2 stories,the one on here and the one in the paper.I live in the area and heard some things that sound like things arent what they seem.I got a feeling the story will unravel like a bad sweater.
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Default RE: near fatal hunting accident

my mom told me what her sis had told her,their brother tommy is billys dad,he was real bad shook up about it when he had called the rest of the family friday. The person that shot billy was a close friend that grew up with billy so i hope that it was a freak accident .But the truth is that one hunter had a weapon pointed in the way of another the weapon just went off and billy is bad hurt YOU BE THE JUDGE, ACCIDENT OR HUNTER ERROR.
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Default RE: near fatal hunting accident

was sitting in his car drinking some coffee,he heard someting outside his window turned and lookedand one of the other guys was standing there with his bow at full draw aimed at him then for some reason he shot ,the arrow went through the window and hit billy in the neck.

Why on earth would any one draw back a bow on a car unless he thought the person in the car was

Not supossed to be there and he didn't reconise his friend because of the glare on the window.

I still dosen't make since.

My prayers are with him.

And if you find out the real reason Please Post the anwser OK

Thank You

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Default RE: near fatal hunting accident

Arrow's misfire gives hunter true pain in neck
Associated Press
Posted: Nov. 16, 2004

Marshfield - An arrow smashed through a car window and struck a deer hunter in the neck as he sat waiting for a companion to return from some woods in northern Wisconsin, the wounded hunter's family said.

Bill Rusch, 50, of Antigo was in fair condition at St. Joseph's Hospital in Marshfield on Tuesday - four days after the shooting mishap in Vilas County caused an arrow to penetrate about 2 inches into his neck and threatened his spinal cord, said his daughter, Jenny Gilbert.

Rusch, who owns an archery business in Antigo, feels lucky he wasn't hurt worse, the daughter said in a telephone interview from his hospital room.

"He knows that it was the hand of God," she said. "The doctors told him that he was lucky to be in the car when it happened because he wouldn't be here otherwise. . . . They said it was 1/25th of an inch away from him never breathing again."

Tim Lawhern, hunter education administrator for the state Department of Natural Resources, said the accident happened about 4:15 p.m. Friday in Vilas County.

The errant arrow came from the bow of a 54-year-old hunter who was with Rusch, Lawhern said.

The accident remained under investigation Tuesday, Lawhern said.

Gilbert said the bow's release malfunctioned as the hunter walked from the woods to get into the car at the end of an unsuccessful day of hunting.

The daughter said his father kept his sense of humor during the ordeal.

After seeing X-rays in the emergency room, the father joked the arrow was a cheap one, "not the kind he sells," Gilbert said.

From the Nov. 17, 2004, editions of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
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I thought it was teenagers.

Boy was I wrong.

My prayers are with him.

Let us know what the out come is ok.

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Default RE: near fatal hunting accident

To me, the key question is: Did the archer know the arrow was pointing at the person. As a matter of fact, regardless of whether he knew the person was sitting there, he shouldn't have had a drawn bow pointing at the car at all.

Given what I've read so far, my opinion is that it was not an "accident" but at best a very careless and dangerous error by someone who should know better. At worst (if he knowingly pointed a loaded weapon at a person) it is felony assualt.
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Default RE: near fatal hunting accident

Man what an idiot, hes got no reason to be hunting with his stupid stunt I hope they put the guy away for a long time and your cousin has my prayers.
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Quick Reply: near fatal hunting accident

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